The Motorola Luxury Phone That Looks Like A Soap-Bar (Concept)

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Designer Faisal Semari was probably bored with current smartphone designs that are almost always similar to one another; rectangular-shaped, curved edges, or even bendable ones. So he rendered one that has none of the above: simply called the Motorola Luxury Phone.

It might strike a close resemblance to that of a steel soap-boar, but still allowing you to be completely mesmerized by the cool and innovative design. You probably would have recognized a design similar to this, because this is actually a refinement of what Semari did with his award-winning concept phone. And what can we say, we’re totally impressed with this sleek and seamless design.

The whole device is made to adapt the screen colour to the chassis, therefore making it rather seamless, especially when it’s off. We can’t be certain what are the exact materials used for this phone, but it’s probably some sort of new alloy, both comfortable to hold and too precious to be held away from your hand.

If Motorola is really impressed with the idea and goes to produce one exactly like this, we’re just hoping that you wouldn’t mistaken it for a steel soap-bar and place it on your washing basin. We kid.