The Tesla Pickup Render Is… Wait, The What?

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Elon Musk had always had that vision to bring down America’s bestselling car, the Ford F-150, with something similar, or better still. And it’s probably still in the back of Elon’s mind because a recent render would just remind him what he’s promised to deliver if he’s actually forgotten about it.

Rendered by none other than Theophilus Chin, we take a look at how a Tesla pickup would actually look like and it’s horrendous, if we may say so. For some strange reason, it feels as though a cat’s face is being trapped in a pickup because it’s trying to look almighty and fierce-y since trucks are supposed to be like that, no?

Elon’s estimated that they could deliver a F-150 rival in about 5 years from now, so all we hope is that it just doesn’t look anything like this. Sorry, Theo, it ain’t working out this time around. You didn’t think it could actually be looking like this right?