There’s No Way You Can Set Your iPhone’s Date Wrong Now

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Seems like there has been an amusing (and slightly annoying) bug that’s affecting iPhone users as of late, whereby there’s a tendency in bricking their phone by setting the date back before May 1970. A little creepy, but there’s no stopping in the curiousity users must have felt.

As much as you might like to keep that software glitch on your iPhone, Apple’s decided to fix that software glitch in the next version if the iOS. Though the main reason is still unknown, there’s a high possibility that it could be linked to the Unix time system used in places in iOS, which struggles to handle dates before 1970. Now, we kinda know.

So for your information, the beta version of the “fixture” is already available to developers and public beta testers via the latest iOS 9.3 Beta. You should be expecting for the full software to be rolled out soon enough as we speak. But then again, has your iPhone been affected with this bug before? What was your reaction when you first had it?