These Actors Would Portray Gordon Freeman Perfectly In A Half-Life 3 Movie!

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Sure, you’ve spent hundreds of hours playing the Half-Life game, and even the fact that the 3rd chapter will be released (or not) has successfully gotten on your nerves. But just before you are finally done with disappointment for Half-Life 3‘s god-knows-when release, did it ever occur to you that the gameplay would make a pretty cool TV series/movie?

And assuming we’re all on the same page now, it’s time to think about which actor would best portray that bastion of human survival, Dr. Gordon Freeman. Since it’s a movie, fans are probably gonna be slightly disappointed because we can’t exactly have him remain silent throughout the 2-hour-or-so movie. Without further ado, these are some of our favourite actors who may portray Gordon well, or at least we think they will.

1. Edward Norton

You might probably only remember him from Incredible Hulk and American History X, the thing is, he can transform. And also when he performs effortlessly as Eisenheim in The Illusionist. Though we gotta admit that he might not be one of those folks interested in doing a video game movie…

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Ahh, who doesn’t love this guy with fantastic humour and talent? Probably you’ll feel that JGL’s Gordon Freeman would be the most believable as the idealist fighting the Combine and the totalitarian regime found in Half-Life 2, because that’s exactly what we think he’s capable of pulling of.

3. Oscar Isaac

He’s the latest X-Wing hotshot that’s set to make even more appearances in future movies. Since he’s more well-known for roles based on him being a compartmentalized, nuanced actor, he could be pretty ideal for the minimally-dialogue role of Freeman in a Half-Life movie.

Out of these three actors, tell us who is your favourite, and if you have better options, do let us know in the comments below!