These Citizens Rushed To Save The F-150s From Floods Rather Than Saving Themselves

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We really got to give these guys a huge applause. There was an insane downpour that hit the city of Missouri few days back resulting in hundreds of F-150 trucks, Ford Edges and Escapes getting flooded at a local Ford dealership. But what the citizens did was absolutely astonishing and the least you would expect.

Lucky you if you weren’t caught in the flood, but here’s a video posted on Facebook if you want to see these pitiful trucks being immersed halfway into the sea of water. And when someone commented asking why wouldn’t the company have the trucks transferred to a higher place, the unexpected happened. That’s when the folks from TorqueNews decided to ring up the dealership and ask how badly the condition of the trucks were.

Little did they know that the citizens have played a major role in moving the cars to a safer place. There were about 25 people drove by and stopped, just to help the dealers in moving their vehicles away from the flooded area. Well, bless these kind-hearted souls, as we wouldn’t be able to see these beasts anymore if it weren’t for the citizens. Okay, we might be a little too exaggerating, but seriously, thank God for kind-hearted people.