These iPhone 7C Concepts Are The Definition Of Cool

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…if that’s what the “C” in 7C meant, this time around.

9to5Mac had recently released news about what they assumed the iPhone that’s expected for a March release would look like. But it was China Mobile who was responsible for the initial leak, and in their 2016 presentation revealed a phone that’s dubbed to be the “iPhone 7C”. What we can learn from the leak is that the upcoming smartphone could be 4-inch since rumours about “smaller iPhone minis” have been circling for months, this is possibly our best indication on how the headsets would actually look like.

Though Apple’s iPhone 6 was just launched quite a while ago, they should be in the works of producing their next flagship headphone. And just to be clear, we actually really dig the pink-coloured one, if that were to ever be produced, of course. In addition, if the iPhone 7C is indeed released before the official iPhone 7, there is also a possibility that the former would be named iPhone 6C.

Well, for what it’s worth, we’ll tell you firsthand if the pink one does come out.