This 1956 Greyhound Bus Is The Perfect Family Getaway RV

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Ever imagined going on family road trips, but you can’t really do so because your growing family is a little too huge for your car? Well, this is definitely not a problem for Reddit user, “Gostaverling”, as he is now in possession of the 1956 Greyhound bus which since been converted into an RV about 25 years ago.

You’ve got to check out the pictures for yourself here, as the picture above doesn’t really do much justice to that beautiful giant. The interior might somehow resemble the GMC Motorhome your parents had, since it doesn’t look too “dated”, and it still has that timeless design from the exterior of the car too.

It’s also good to know that the good ol’ bus weighs in at approximately 20,000lbs and can get about 10mpg at 55mph, as well as the Detroit Diesel 671 2-stroke engine which is mounted in the bus. Although the bus seems close to perfection, the owner will be doing some upgrades on it in terms of new upholstery and carpeting, just to ensure a cleaner and newer environment for the family. Well, it’s still a great purchase anyway, and it proves the saying of, “oldies are definitely goldies”.