This Is The Stunning Render Of The Renault Talisman RS (Concept)

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There seems to be claims suggesting that other Renault models (apart from the Clio and Megane) would receive the RS treatment. The models are yet to be completely specified, but what we know so far is that the Talisman and even a sporty SUV would be denoted with the RS badges.

Dynamics-wise, the current Renault Megane RS has undoubtedly been the benchmark for hatchbacks since 2010, and what’s more, it has even upgraded to a sportier, more powerful Megane RS275 Trophy. The same can be said about the Clio too; for being fast and capable, as well as having a sharp handling on open roads. What’s worth to know is that the automaker is in the works of further leveraging the sporty and track-focused brand to better leverage its involvement in the Formula One and help expand its sales too.

So, with TheophilusChin’s latest rendering with the Talisman RS, what do you guys have to say about it? Is it everything you’d expected it to be?