This Is Undoubtedly The Best Way To Tell The Time

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Yeah, we know that all our smartphones are so smart that they’ve got everything to assist our daily needs. Our smartphones can tell the time – be it at your homeland or another country – and can even set our alarms. And let’s not forget, the traditional alarm clocks we have next to our bed that’s responsible in getting us punctual for work.

But these are all so common already, and somehow the era that we are living right now shows people who have the tendency to get bored easily. Then, what should be the next innovative way to tell the time, when all the clocks are already similarly designed? Design studio Breaded Escalope seems to know the big answer to this one. Their invention of the Shadowplay Clock seems to set it apart from everybody else. Just look at the marvellous design of it; touch your finger to the centre and the time will illuminate and produce a pair of shadow hands.

There’s no confirmation on whether or not it’s going to be mass-produced or even selling it, but we are certain that we would be some of the firsts in line in getting this cool clock.