This Nissan GT-R Would Help You With Your Chores

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…well, not exactly all your house chores, but one that you might be dreading to clear since you’re still in the holiday mood.

Apparently, Nissan found out a great way to un-decorate your Christmas tree. And you can do so with just a few seconds. You’ll probably be wondering, “why didn’t we think of that?” after watching the video, because the clip cleverly shows a Nissan GT-R strapped to a decorated Christmas tree with a rotating stand, and next thing you know, you wouldn’t even need to worry about getting poked from wire hooks or even dried-out needles stuck in your clothing!

It’s probably the fastest and laziest way of removing the decorations and the lovely ornaments from your Christmas trees, but hey, just do whatever that works and it’ll save you a whole lot of trouble. And plus, it could be a bonding session between you and your car; some high-horsepower fun. But maybe remember to remove your helmet the next time you’re doing it.