This Spy Shot Of The 2017 Kia Picanto Might Reveal 5-Door Variant

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There’s a new Kia in town, but that’s just only the spy shot of the much anticipated 2017 Picanto that you’re seeing above. Well, at least we’re still seeing something, right?

It’s very apparent that the new Picanto would feature LED daytime running lights, and the rear lights also appear to have LEDs, so it’s pretty certain the Picanto has that going for it. More importantly, there’s gonna be a new chassis, a different technical platform, and several other enhancements in the powertrain department.

Although with the changes and enhancements of the car that would only be available in the showrooms next year, some design features and shapes seem rather unchanged from the current version too. There’s still that distinctive door design that appears to be the same as in the current generation. Also, one thing’s for sure: Kia is definitely testing a five-door variant of the future Picanto, though there have been talks about creating a three-door variant too (but that’s rather unlikely).

So, are you excited for the launch of the Picanto next year?