Tokyo Auto Salon’s MIB: Mazda In Black

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We have been thinking, wouldn’t it be rather cool to have Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones – the original MIB – stepping out of the Black Mazdas during the Tokyo Auto Salon, waving at kawaii supporters? But in this case, a dream stays a dream.

But what isn’t a dream is that Mazda would indeed showcase a trio of their “Racing Concept” cars based on production models, and they are: the Mazda 6, CX-3 and Miata. And they would all be featuring shadowy colour schemes; glossily, gorgeously black. For starters, the Roadster RS Racing Concept looks like a variant of the Miata; subtle aero mods and a height-adjustable suspension. The CX-3 Racing Concept also looks eerily similar to that of the Mazda 2, but it’s said to be the most athletic and charming of the lot (we don’t see why it’s not). Lastly, the Atenza Racing Concept seems to be a reasonably priced family sedan that might just seem more ideal for a Yakuza hobo. We kid.

Well, for what it’s worth, we actually don’t really think it looks racy enough for the show, but we have to say that the colour looks really good on the chassis. Stay tuned as we gather more reports on the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.