Toyota GT86: Super Sportscar Is Surprisingly Affordable

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It’s seemingly the sportscar that everyone was expecting to be deemed as a class-leading performance car. But it’s a little more than that too. We’ll be boasting a lot but you could actually say that the Toyota GT86 the best car for picking up girls, or you could just name it as a cheap man’s Ferrari. Whichever that goes with your liking.

If you’re wondering about how the interior feels like, you can expect a large amount of durability inside; all the dials and gauges are angled directly towards the driver and the layout of the centre console cocoons the driver into the low-swung seats. The folks from Autocar have even claimed the GT86 to be a car that’s acquiring a wonderful rigour to the interior. And that alone speaks a lot.

The only engine that’s powering it is the Subaru’s 2.0-litre four-cylinder ‘Boxer’ unit with Toyota’s direct injection system. And you can thank Toyota for that since it’s a pretty decent one too. You can also expect for some Isofix child-seats being mounted on the car too; it’s kind of like the best bit if we must say so ourselves.

The GT86 may seem like it’s all shiny and nice but it’s got its fair share of criticisms too. As much as the interior provides a well-built feeling for the driver, you’d be thinking that the materials used seem to be a bit ‘low rent’ if you were to compare it with more premium rivals. And that’s not all. Critics apparently do not really like the noise the GT86 makes too; not very impressive for a performance-oriented car here.

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. If you were to compete for the offers on carwow for the Toyota GT86, you’d be expecting to save around £3,270 off the RRP of this car they’d want to configure. That’s like saving around $5k if you’d like a conversion; still pretty worth it if you have to think about it. So hover over to the website and select the GT86 of your choosing and have fun!