Toyota Tacoma Has (And Always Will Be) Showered With Love

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There’s no surprise if Toyota started the year with a big grin from ear to ear; their 2015 sales for the Toyota Tacoma was literally off the charts. And what’s more, the Tacoma’s 179,561 sold units was more than the combined sales of the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Colorado, and Nissan Frontier, which summed up to 177,325 units. Mind-blown yet?

But they certainly deserved it. For starters, Toyota did a fantastic job in predicting the mid-sized truck market expansion, then taking decisive action in rolling out their Tacomas. And that’s not even enough for them to hit the top spot; they were also confident that they hired more workers in producing the Tacoma, despite knowing that GMC and Chevy have also got their models to be launched. Eventhough Toyota knew they might be out of the league when compared with bigger (and possibly better) trucks like their contenders, they still went for the push and “mess with success”.

Well, for what it’s worth, we’re just really happy for them, and hopefully 2016 will have more in store for the team!