Toyota Tacoma Owner Shows You How To Rock Your Truck With Wheel Lights

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Ever wondered how it feels like to have your wheels being as fancy as ever – pulsating to the beat of music and strobes in each colour individually – and just being a totally unique makeover to the somewhat boring-looking Toyota Tacoma? Here’s what a Tacoma owner did for his wheel lights, and trust us, it would convince you into doing the same for your baby.

Justin Whitley (one of the enthusiasts on FB) received the OPT7 wheel well lights for Christmas, and decided to install them himself. What he actually did was running all the wiring through the frame bringing it under the driver seat and to the interior fuse box. It’s also controlled by a wireless remote or keychain included with the light kit. And it’s good to know that the light kit comprises of 16 colours, so imagine how colourful it’ll be during a night drive.

If you’re wondering how much the whole kit costs, the OPT7 wheel well lights has a price tag of $59.99. It should be taking approximately two hours of your time to install this, just as Justin did.

Take a look below and see the other colour options.

toyota tacoma red

The wheels with the red colour on.

toyota tacoma dark blue

And here’s the one with the dark blue option.

Lovely, isn’t it?