US Government Will Invest $4 Billion For A Driverless Future

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Apparently, there has been an announcement made by the US Department of Transport with allocating $4 billion in investments over the decade to help in the autonomous research and development area. And it has been confirmed by the department’s secretary during the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, so California might need to take precaution as there’s a clash in opinions.

The allocated money would be used to “fund pilot projects that help accelerate the development and adoption of safe vehicle automation through real-world pilot projects”. And it’s worth mentioning that the investment will be focused solely on practical and genuine developments in the field with fully autonomous vehicles, and not semi-autonomous cars.

More importantly, the plan would also set out to form a unified set of safety rules relating to autonomous cars across the United States. Individual states will still be able to implement their own policies so let’s hope that California would permit the use of autonomous cars on public roads.

Do you think the future would be better or bleak with driverless cars? Or are you just not ready to be stepping into that kind of world yet?