Valve Finally Apologizes For Christmas Day Malfunction

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If you were one of the unluckier ones that got generated into someone’s else account on Steam during Christmas, then well, here’s some nearly-apologetic message from Valve to make you feel a little bit better.

Valve went on to mention that it was a “configuration error” that affected some users to see someone else’s account rather than theirs, and have shown concern in contacting those that are affected once they have been identified. There really isn’t a sincere apology remark in their statement, but at least they’ve finally spoken out, right?

Regardless, it’s still a matter or security breach and you’ll never know the true intentions of those that have access to your account (not to freak you further, but still). Perhaps it’s a lesson for all to never place too discrete information on the Internet anymore, but Steam is too well-respected for us not to put our trust in them, right?