Verizon Cuts Galaxy Note 7 Off, Too

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, released back in August 2016, is Samsung’s flagship device sporting a cutting edge design. However, that just may be the reason behind its downfall.

The device was initially recalled by the manufacturer due to a battery problem which resulted in the device overheating or worse, exploding.

The South Korean manufacturer had worked together with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), carriers as well as retailers to return the device or either upgrade or provide a refund to users.

Samsung had even kicked off several updates for the Galaxy Note 7 in order to reduce the battery’s capacity and serve as a reminder to users to return the device. The most reason one being the software update that would essentially terminate the device by not being able to charge and disabling cellular radio.

Verizon Wireless had initially refused to cooperate with Samsung as they did not want to stop the device during the holiday season but looks like in the last couple of days, America’s largest carrier has decided to apply the update in early January.

Verizon has sent out emails to consumers announcing the January 5 update with a strong suggestion to turn off their Galaxy Note 7.

The carrier will be crediting back all the upgrade charges to consumer’s accounts and those who opt to purchase another Samsung device will be receiving a $100 bill credit. Verizon had even said that folks who are using a Verizon Galaxy Note 7 on a prepaid plan would be receiving a full refund once they return the ticking time bomb faulty device.