Volkswagen e-Golf VS. Nissan LEAF S VS. Other EVs: Battleground Set! (Owner Review)

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Owner of Nissan LEAF and Volkswagen e-Golf, Neil Blanchard is one of the many supporters of the CleanTechnica folks. He gives us an insight on both of the above-mentioned cars along with a detailed comparison, and also throws in thoughts about the BMW i3 REx (belongs to his brother) and Mitsubishi i-MiEV (belongs to another family member) occasionally. Here’s what he has to say about all four of them.

In comparing both the Leaf and the e-Golf, the latter seems to be a better car in most respects because of its free wheel coasting and regen steps, whereas the former wins at having better EV aspects; best location for the charging port and an optional lock to keep anyone from disconnecting you until it is fully charged. Though these two are made electronically, the driving experience as described by Neil is better in the e-Golf rather than the Leaf. Some of the better aspects of the e-Golf include better handling and steering, a better claimed Cd, as well as better stereo too.

Both the i3 and i-MiEV have ample space for legroom, though he has only driven in them briefly. The i3’s strong regen, according to Neil, is totally different to how he has learned to ecodrive, whereas the i-MiEV is just the most basic of basic electric cars; four-seated, easy to drive and very practical. It’s quite the ideal option if you’re tall and you can’t quite step up to the i3’s price.

Well, guess you can’t have the best of everything in just a single car, huh?