Volkswagen Is No Longer “Das Auto”

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You read that right, the German automaker that’s recently gone through a lot of rough patches has decided to remove its famous slogan, “Das Auto”. In hopes of rebranding themselves and projecting to the people of how magnificent they still are (well, in fact, they are still quite well respected, if we may say so), they opt to just simply use “Volkswagen”.

The “Das Auto” slogan was originally introduced by ex-boss Martin Winterkorn, which just simply means, “The Car”. But with so much negativity surrounding VW’s diesel scandal that’s still under investigation, the company is trying really regain the trust from their fans and customers alike. And it’s worth noting that some VW executives even suggest that the original slogan sways a little too much on the “pretentious” side of things.

We can’t help but to think, though, is it going to be “Volkswagen: Volkswagen”? That’s going to sound a lot of more confusing that they already are with their management.