Volkswagen: Make More EVs While Recalling 600,000 Faulty Vehicles

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There’s no way nobody wouldn’t be reminded of the scandalous diesel emissions issue when it comes to Volkswagen. But while the automaker is trying its best to have nearly 600,000 of its vehicles recalled, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also been requesting for Volkswagen to manufacture electric vehicles as part of its mending process in the US. Not sure how the company is taking it, though.

And though there didn’t seem to be any specific sources that have been cited, there have been claims from the EPA in requesting Volkswagen to do as they are told, all of which is to help construct a network of charging stations. Or at least that’s what they seem to be saying. More importantly, if this news is regarded as true, it won’t be making Volkswagen very happy about it.

That being said, it’s because considering this past September (which you would have recalled about the emissions scandal that broke out), the automaker had also vowed to introduce 20 electric cars and plug-in hybrids by 2020. Now with the new-found pressure introduced by the EPA, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Volkswagen couldn’t know where to hide its embarrassment.

But one thing’s for sure though, Volkswagen still has a long way to clean up their disastrous reputation, and till then, would you still be supporting your favourite carmaker all the way?