VW’s Got 28 Days Left To Fix 600,000 Cars Affected In #DieselGate

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We’re all not fully recovered from the scandal that affected over 11 million Volkswagen diesel vehicles around the world, and as much as the company’s still reeling from getting caught, we’re still not over it. But now they would need to work even harder from falling deeper into their crisis, because VW’s been told to fix some 600,000 affected cars by March 24.

At least VW has admitted to having at least 600,000 of its diesel cars being affected from an emissions cheating device. It’s the one that causes the car to release over 40 times its advertised NOx emissions; so of course, it’s definitely not cool. Volkswagen has always been a well-respected notable company so something scandalous that happened is really that big of a deal.

Whilst handling the #dieselgate issue, we’ve seen VW appointing a brand new CEO, firing multiple staff members, halting the production of some models, and even overhauling its corporate culture, among others. Seeing them from an audience perspective can be disappointing; we can only imagine what their fans could be feeling too.

28 days may seem too short for VW to have themselves on the way to regaining the public’s trust, but then again, we should be able to see some results after the “supposed” fixture. Let’s keep them in our prayers tonight, alright?