Waze Could Be Google’s Secret Weapon To Defeat Uber

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The cute cloudy on a wheel may be more than just being cute. It seems that with Google’s goal to delivering more autonomous cars and autonomous ride-sharing services could have Waze as its secret weapon to challenge Uber. And since Google owns Waze, they would certainly have no issues in introducing the driverless service.

Google certainly has big dreams in making their autonomous vehicles a real business. Despite not having the authority to bring these cars to the California state unless accompanied by a driver, Google is certain that Waze’s friendly partnerships would help solve problems like these, sources said.

Other than using Waze, Google has also been really serious in making ties with Tesla for grabbing a leader off their Autopilot programme, and also collaborating with Ford at CES in January with hopes of creating more of these autonomous vehicles.

Well, for what it’s worth, we certainly hope that Uber would still remain in the automobile world, because pretty sure the public isn’t fully ready with riding on completely driverless cars yet. Soon they will be, but as of now, we’re certain that we’re just not as ready as these automakers assumed us to be.