We Need Better Battery Life, Not 4K Smartphone Displays

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Perhaps there have been some sort of a misconnection between smartphone makers’ desires and smartphone users’ needs. We’re going to say this on behalf of all smartphone users in the world, again and again, that all we need is just a smartphone with better battery life, not one that achieves the ideal “body” with removing the headphone jack, or even one with a 4K display.

Sure, we now live in an era where every respected tech maker is going all their way in toying with the idea of delivering the best high-definition display on a smartphone to pioneer their way in the market. Can you imagine the capabilities of your eyes being able to tell the difference between a Quad HD display and a 4K display on such a tiny device with only your naked eye? That’s too far-fetched, and highly impossible.

So, which smartphone maker would you think would be the first to achieve this and take home the title of being “the only smartphone with the best display in the whole world”? Let us know by then, while we will hibernate and insist on having better battery life. Probably we should start a petition.