WhatsApp: Secure Enough For Crime?

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In the same vein as Apple, WhatsApp is offering added security for its users’ privacy by enabling end-to-end encryption for messages sent. That means all content in the instant messaging service will be inaccessible to other parties, including the authorities.

This gives users the ease of mind in sending all forms of media through the app, whether they are pictures, videos, or even phone calls. It covers users on all mobile platforms, from Android to iOS to Windows Mobile. Not BlackBerry though, sadly.

There were fears in the past that information from calls on WhatsApp were being collected by the company, but it looks like there is no cause for worry.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a flip side to this end-to-end encryption security. It could mean that those plotting crimes over WhatsApp can do so with a peace of mind if they know that this is going to be another case of Apple versus the FBI regarding the San Bernardino terrorist case.