Why iPhone 7 Plus Won’t Need MicroSD Support

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The most difficult rumors and speculation to believe are those that involve that iPhone, mainly because Apple has always been conservative with most of its flagship iterations save for one or two very unique and new features.

There is this one new report that seem much more believable than all the bull that surface every now and then.

Apparently the iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro, whichever it may end up to be) wouldn’t need any microSD support because of a really spacious variant.

It provides the device with 256GB native storage. That’s even more than many Android devices that offer 200GB worth of expandable storage. At present the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus offer 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB options.

We honestly don’t know how those using the 16GB model survives, because Apple has never provided its only phone series with microSD compatibility. From the company’s perspective the 256GB model makes sense as there are many users who are willing to fork out a crap ton of money for more space.

Offering microSD compatibility would not only hike up production costs for Cupertino, it would also mean that Apple won’t be able to suck more money from buyers as they would be able to turn to much cheaper microSD cards.