Why Is Toyota Reluctant In Adopting Apple CarPlay & Android Auto?

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Seems like the Japanese always prefer to have their own way of doing things, from having Japanese-only signboards at the train station, to having their own infotainment system, which could be seen in Toyota’s new SmartDeviceLink (SDL). And they’re going to show this off to the world at the upcoming 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (subtly snubs the likes of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto).

Apparently, it’s not really all Japanese – Toyota and Ford collaborated to develop the SDL – and we don’t really know much about how it works, until they demonstrate it later this week. Will it be just as good as its contenders? Toyota claims that SDL is a much safer alternative and is encouraging other automakers to contribute to the open-source platform too.

So, until Toyota decides to display how it works during the CES this week, we wouldn’t really know for sure if it’s as capable as the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But then again, what could possibly go wrong with things done by the Japanese? Not to be bias, but still, think about the manga, electronic devices and also their vending machines