Why We Need To Have One Of These iPhone 7Cs Right Now

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China Mobile recently had a presentation revealing a smartphone that would be known as the “iPhone 7C”, and soon after that, 9to5Mac released several photos based on the supposed information given about the smartphone. And frankly speaking, the concept phones look great (especially the pink one).

What you can probably expect from the concepts is that they are relatively smaller; since rumours have been going wild about making “smaller iPhone minis”, hence the upcoming smartphone may well be 4-inch only. It just seems most probable, since it’s our best indication so far as to how it will look like.

We are all aware that the iPhone 6 was just launched quite a while ago, but if rumours have proved right, the Apple team should be in the works of creating their next flagship creation. And if we haven’t mentioned about it earlier, we really dig the pink one, we’re just hoping that the phone wouldn’t undergo an extreme weight-loss regimen.