Will The Honda Civic Type-R Be Making Its Appearance At The Detroit Auto Show?

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If you’re like every other average car enthusiast, you’ll be more than excited to see what are the cars that are going to make an appearance at auto shows (and by that, we mean every auto show). The Detroit Auto Show is no exception too, and since it’s going to happen starting next Monday, there’s no denying that the following car is one of the most talked-about cars: the Honda Civic Type-R hatchback, and the question of whether or not it will appear at the show remains undiscovered.

You’re probably aware that Honda indeed launched the Type-R last year in Europe, and also displayed the concept at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. There’s also the fact that they’ve presented the Type-R Coupe concept (pictured above). But of course, that’s obviously not enough to satisfy enthusiasts’ quench for more. And we’re pretty sure the fans wouldn’t mind for a third headline; followed by Honda’s debut of its new Ridgeline and the Acura Precision.

Since it’s only less than 5 days away from the much-anticipated auto show, remember to stay tuned for more updates because we know there’s never enough to cover these stories!