Work On Your One-Liners: Twitter Keeps Character Limit

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Twitter is a platform for many people to be as witty as they can with as little words as possible. It is also an ideal place for celebrity online feuds to take place, given how easily short and brief posts can be misconstrued as attacks on another.

Jack Dorsey feels like Twitter should keep the 140 character limit in place, saying that the constraint that forces brevity helps encourage creativity.

The CEO made the announcement on Twitter using a screenshot of a large body of text to suggest that there is a workaround for users if they remain inclined to post something long-winded. It’s not exactly what people had in mind though.

Anyway, just because the character limit remains it doesn’t suggest that nothing new will emerge for Twitter. Some while back the social media platform adopted a polling system, though only for two options. The feature has been warmly received, so it’s not all that bad for the struggling company.