Would You Actually Get This $2,300 Toy Jeep Wrangler?

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If you could get an old used car for the same price, would you ditch that decision to get a toy Jeep Wrangler instead? After all, it’s just a toy…

You probably would, because considering that it’s so meticulously made and with all the intricate details you will easily notice on the toy car; it works exactly like an actual car. An actual car. Capo Racing is probably the king of creating vehicles, even if it means it’s only a 1/8th scale. You’ll be amazed how everything just seem to work like an actual car, you’ll even forget you’re just holding a toy.

So, if you can’t really step up to the full-scaled Wrangler’s price, owning this toy car isn’t such a bad idea. But other than sitting in your dusty shelves, you wouldn’t really be bringing it out to play with the kids in the house right? Well, we bet you won’t, and it’s not because it’s so fragile it’d break, but rather, you just wouldn’t want to share.