Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Smells Of Galaxy S7, Moto G4

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The Xiaomi Mi Note was quite a hit when it was launched at the start of last year alongside a more powerful Mi Note Pro. As its sequel draws near, some information of the device has apparently been leaked.

A standard model is expected to be accompanied by a more powerful model akin the first Mi Note, but just like the Moto G4 Play there seems to be a third model that should act as the budget range option.

It is reportedly going to sport a single rear camera, Hi-Fi audio, along with a form of quick charge. The middle variant would have a dual-camera setup besides Hi-Fi audio and better quick charge capabilities.

The most powerful of the three would have the fastest quick charge function, a dual-camera setup, Wi-Fi Lite support, as well as a curved display akin the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It was reported some months back that Xiaomi had been placing orders for curved displays.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is believed to be officially surfacing sometime within the next several months, and would help Xiaomi take back the spotlight from OnePlus after the OnePlus 3 distracted everyone from the Xiaomi Mi 5.