You Can Get The T-Mobile LG G4 At $350 Now

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So you’ve been eyeing to get a brand new smartphone and the LG G4 has somewhat attracted you. Well, you’ve certainly came to the right place since here’s a great opportunity for you to grab on. T-Mobile has slashed the G4’s price from $600 to a good $350. Yes, that is more than 50% and you shouldn’t look any further than this.

But if there are customers who’d prefer to pay the full price for the phone, you’re able to, and you can get it unlocked by T-Mobile. Alternatively, they could get hold of the phone by paying just $14.59 every month for 24 months. Now where else would you be able to catch such a great deal, huh?

It’s worth mentioning that T-Mobile isn’t the first retailer in dropping the LG G4’s price though, since B&H Photo had also cut the price to the exact same amount to $350. But if you’re interested to get the LG G4 from T-Mobile, just head on to this website and don’t look back.