You Can Now Use Multiple Accounts On Your Android’s Facebook Messenger

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Facebook has just recently launched a multiple account feature for your Android’s Messenger app, so as to make communicating easier and faster than ever before. That being said, now you’ll be able to share your device with a few people because all you’ve got to do is just switching between different accounts created for the Messenger app.

Other applications included in the feature consists of the ability for parents to allow their children in using their Android Messenger app to chat with their friends. Moreover, the feature may also be including corporate applications all for the aim of providing ease of communication between different clients within a team.

You are to be rest assured for the function is claimed to be more safer and seamless, considering the fact that it allows for simplification between the communication of users that are sharing one device at a time. Follow these simple steps to get your Messenger app on route for faster and easier communication:

1. Start by going into the Settings menu of the Messenger for Android app. Select Accounts. This option would allow all the accounts of the users who want to share the device to be added in.

2. Do note that if you’re switching into the Messenger account for the first time, you’ll be prompted to key in your password. This could be changed in the settings later on; whether to have the password keyed in for security reasons, or not.

3. And there you have it, you’re on your way to getting easier and faster access while communicating on the Messenger app on your Android device.