You Don’t Need An Uber Anymore: Luxe Joins Forces With Tesla To Charge Your Car For You

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The future is sure looking rather bleak, or shall we say uninterestingly efficient, if that’s a term we’re looking for.

There’s apparently a valet parking app called Luxe, which has partnered up with Tesla in San Francisco and New York City to help Tesla owners do everything for them. In other words, you don’t have to do anything with your car, if that’s how the future seems to be. The app allows Tesla owners to meet with a Luxe valet that could help them charge their car, park them at a secured spot and even have them washed.

Also worthy to note is that this service is also offered to its non-Tesla app users in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, and New York City. They have been claimed to even have your car washed and refuelled for you (with added charge on the app) if you ask nicely (we can’t help but wonder what happens if you don’t?).

Accordingly, the going rate for a standard car in the cities mentioned above is a claimed average of $5 an hour rate, whereas for Tesla owners, it’s a $15 additional charge plus the price of parking on site, with available bundle offers and monthly plans. Thing is, does it really sound like a plan to you?

Would you think it’s worth the price? We think washing the car during our free time isn’t all that bad, isn’t it?