You Might Just Be Falling For The iPhone 7 After Seeing This Render

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Yes, we know people haven’t been particularly happy about the new iPhone 7 (the one that’s going to undergo major plastic surgery), and there has also been a protest going about because people aren’t happy with the new design; the new everything.

But facts aside, let’s take a look at this cool render designed by Arthur Reis. It’s got a metallic chassis with a glossy design and slightly more curved than its predecessors (think iPhone 3GS, but taller). And it’s apparently made of stainless steel alloy. So, what we can expect here is that it’s going to look handsomely sleek, but also slippery as well.


Perhaps the coolest feature of this phone would be of its resilience towards scratches and impact (basically, it’s shockproof! take that, Droid Turbo 2!), and the front bezel has been made slimmer, most likely for improved grip.

On to the specs, the phone is claimed to have a “4X faster CPU and GPU”, so it’s obviously going to be very efficiently fast. The 4.7-inch AMOLED screen with a full HD resolution would have crisp texts and there would be fantastic colour accuracy too.

If Apple takes note of this and include these ideas into its upcoming flagship, do you think it’s going to be a bad idea? And did we mention we’re still upset about the fact that it’s going to be slimmer? Apple, please don’t change it for what it already is; it’s beautiful the way it is.